The purpose of this book is to help you revive your dreams, focus your energy, and reach your desired destination.

It includes encouragement on stepping out of your comfort zone (from those who have), and guidance on walking consistently in the direction of your dreams.

This is a good time to be reading this book.

Text Box: “It is never too late to be   what you might have become.”  George Eliot  (Author)

I use the term “dream” often in this book; here’s what I mean by “dream”: it is something you want to achieve, or a place you want to get to, because of a strong desire in the very core of your being; it is realistic and achievable; it is consistent with your personality, your gifting, your talent. It is your dream, not someone else’s. It will benefit people, not harm them.  It is not a fantasy or an escape.

Perhaps I need to set something straight at the beginning of this book.  I don’t have more energy and enthusiasm than I know what to do with.  My interest in getting inspired came from often not being inspired when I needed to be.  Similarly, my interest in being organized came out of often feeling overwhelmed by too many demands, and frustration at arriving at places I did not want to be.

I have now shared the content of this book via seminars in ten developing countries, and the positive feedback tells me the impact has been significant and lasting.  I hope you find the same.

Inspired = energy.
Organized =  energy well directed.
Effective =  reaching the right destination.


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