Darrin Salle

Darrin Salle
Darrin lives in Harare with his wife and four children.  He is leader of a local church (evangelical), and works to share the Gospel together with a committed team of leaders and church members.

Darrin is an avid reader, and a student of motivation, personal effectiveness, leadership, emotions and relationships.  He also enjoys writing and has two books to his credit.

He spent 18 years with the insurance industry (in Zimbabwe), where he gained hands-on experience working with teams; during this time, he discovered his interest in people and their development.  This was followed by 4 years with a professional services firm, designing and running people skills / manager skills training courses; he also lectured on a freelance basis, helping organizations from a variety of industries.

In 2007 he set up his own training company, and has since designed and run successful seminars across southern and central Africa, focusing on: motivation, use of time, purpose, leadership, life skills.

Darrin sees his own purpose as: helping other people achieve their potential.


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